Seasonal Greetings

When gift-giving season rolls around, I usually make my own Christmas tags – except for last year when I rooted around all the leftovers from previous years and did a Christmas tag “retrospective” – haha. Can’t say I was in much of a mood this Christmas tag-wise but I tried drawing stuff a few weeks ago and ended up with some crummy sketches of shoes. They sat on my desk for a bit until the Big Day was almost upon me at which point I just put them in my scanner and opened them up in Photoshop to see if anything could be salvaged.

Surprisingly, they turned out OK. You can download a pdf of the tags for next year here. Print out on 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock, take a ruler (metal preferably) and an exacto knife, match up the blue cutting lines at the edges and slice away.  Here’s a card design using the final illustrations:


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