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Aunt Cyn

Aunt Cyn is middle-aged, grey-haired and largely invisible. Unless you need directions. She will often appear at that moment of directionless confusion and politely tell you how to get where you’re going. And then she’ll disappear. Like a mist.

She’s actually a super ordinary person, but a little anxious and very concerned about – things. Sometimes stupid things happen to her and then she realizes that, really, nothing is that important.

Every once in a while, Aunt Cyn will appear in this blog. Like now:

Aunt Cyn - Toothpaste

Adventures in Officeland

One good thing about losing all my old posts is that the ones harping on and on about not having much except a cartoon to post this month are now gone. So…this month so far I have a cartoon to post…but it’s possibly the start of a new series if I can keep it generic enough.





Let me just say that this conversation occurred during a lunch break. Normally we’re all very wrapped up in our work and my boss didn’t tell me to add this disclaimer. Really.