What I did on my summer holidays

I’ve had an excellent few weeks out of Officeland and in Drawingland. My first week off saw a blitz of drawing, trying to finish some illustrations for that children’s book I mentioned in April’s post. I’ve been plodding along for months trying to get the right look and feel. I just needed a few free days to pull it all together – and I got them finally in July (yeah, I kind of missed my June deadline…) We’ve finished the first draft and now are in the editing/revising phase, hoping to find some children who can give us a preliminary review.

My next break saw me in San Diego attending the 3rd Annual West Coast Urban Sketchers Sketchcrawl – and I had a great time. I made the Meet and Greet on Friday night, then on Saturday headed to Balboa Park for a drawing day with the usual Show and Tell at noon then again at 4 pm. Sunday morning we all met at Old Town for morning sketching and gathered at noon to share our drawings.

Spanish Art Village

Old Town San Diego

Urban Sketchers is a world-wide community and a super group to be a part of. Since I got home, I’ve tried to keep up the momentum and went drawing with a few Vancouver urban sketchers at Burnaby Village (I can’t believe I’ve never been there). This link will take you to my effort, but you should take a look at everyone else’s work while you’re there.SanDiego_Balboa

At Balboa Park, San Diego – viewing everyone’s sketches

Adventures in Officeland

One good thing about losing all my old posts is that the ones harping on and on about not having much except a cartoon to post this month are now gone. So…this month so far I have a cartoon to post…but it’s possibly the start of a new series if I can keep it generic enough.





Let me just say that this conversation occurred during a lunch break. Normally we’re all very wrapped up in our work and my boss didn’t tell me to add this disclaimer. Really.

Getting back into the swing of things

I finally got out to a couple of Urban Sketchers events and am posting a couple of drawings from those outings. Otherwise, my artwork these days (other than my “work” – you know, that officey thing I’m doing during the day) is mostly about drawing crows. My deadline for the crow project is June so I’ll definitely have a June post. I had hoped to work on my site theme before now, but I guess that will come in its own time. My most important task for this blog will be, you guessed it, to back it up properly. See January’s post.


 Surprise – a pan flute player at Granville Island


Flamenco at Basic Inquiry

Forcing change after 5 years

Well, my lowly little blog got hacked and, since I never bothered to do a back-up, 5 years of posts have been lost. Am I disturbed? Not really – I don’t think I had much to say! The purpose of this blog has always been to force me to post art I have made once a month. To keep me on track and give me a deadline. That’s all. The fact that people drop by to see the work is a bonus (and you have my thanks).

This is actually an ideal opportunity for me to finally get my act together to create a few galleries of work – from my urban sketches (Vancouver Urban Sketchers), prints and paintings and the odd (sometimes very) cartoon. So to you who find me, thanks for dropping by and I hope you’ll be back to check out some of my work.



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