Forcing change after 5 years

Well, my lowly little blog got hacked and, since I never bothered to do a back-up, 5 years of posts have been lost. Am I disturbed? Not really – I don’t think I had much to say! The purpose of this blog has always been to force me to post art I have made once a month. To keep me on track and give me a deadline. That’s all. The fact that people drop by to see the work is a bonus (and you have my thanks).

This is actually an ideal opportunity for me to finally get my act together to create a few galleries of work – from my urban sketches (Vancouver Urban Sketchers), prints and paintings and the odd (sometimes very) cartoon. So to you who find me, thanks for dropping by and I hope you’ll be back to check out some of my work.



An almost monthly Art post by Cindy Thom